D/BOND — solution to problems facing the BOND market.

First to start with, Bonds and other securities are not new to anyone, especially the start ups.

Bond has a wider market but traditional bonds has limitation. Limitations that are affecting the both parties in traditional market. In the bond markets, the type of security, period of holding, and nature of the issuer impact the overall performance of the security.

For instance, short-term and medium-term bonds tend to be less volatile than long-term bonds. Similarly, bonds issued by governments, municipal corporations, and local authorities tend to be less risky than corporate bonds.

Furthermore, a change in bond prices directly impacts the mutual fund and institutional investors with exposure to bonds. This affects professional investors such as banks, pension funds, and insurance companies

D/BOND built to solve some critical challenges from interest rate fluctuations, market volatility, lower returns, and change in the issuer’s financial stability. D/BOND introduces an environment where you can issue a bond using digital assets as collateral.


Official Email:info@debond.org

Telegram Community:https://t.me/debond_protocol

Telegram Announcement Channel:https://t.me/debond_announcements






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