Why it is said that EpiK (EPK) will be the most potential distributed storage at present, and it is expected to surpass the appreciation space of Filecoin, combined with the current market situation and elaborated from several aspects.

Filecoin is the leader of distributed storage. For miners, they mine coins for the sake of coins. Although it looks like 8EIB data is stored, the data stored on the server is garbage data or cold data that has no value. The value of FIL is still in the follow-up ecological development. The current total circulation of FIL is about 150 million FIL. Excluding the amount of pledge and destruction, the actual circulation is about 30 million.

It has been 9 months since Filecoin was launched on the mainnet in October 2020. From the time when the average value of the mainnet was maintained at 25U/coin, it has risen to a maximum of 238U this year, an increase of nearly 11 times. For the early participating miners and FIL participants, they have received very generous dividend returns. Early participants have high output and most of them withdraw their investment in one or two months. Now FIL returns to the normal value range and remains at around 50U. If the current price of FIL wants to increase from the current 50U to 500U space, it may need to look at the follow-up Filecoin ecological development. Even if 50U increases by 500U, it will be 10 times empty at most. , Each T of computing power produces 0.04 FIL/day, and it produces about 7 FIL a year. If the price is not increased, the investment will be recovered in one and a half years, which no longer has the early advantage.

Previously known as the second largest distributed storage project Swarm (BZZ), because it was too popular by miners, has changed from the title of Heavenly King to the title of Heavenly Death, and the token BZZ has gone from the off-site price to as high as 50U. The online transaction has averaged around 8U from 2U to now, and it is considered the first batch of participants to be severely cut with a wave of leeks.

The mining rules are still unclear. Swarm (BZZ), the revenue model, uses a pay and order model, which means that if customers pay BZZ to purchase storage servers, then the server provided by the miner can get the revenue of the order. Obviously, the disadvantage is that at the beginning of this project, there is not a large number of user groups and a large amount of ecological support, and there will not be a large number of paid orders to protect the income of the miners' equipment. However, the miners cannot maintain the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment. Besides, there are 600,000 nodes in the entire network waiting to be divided, and the future is a bit unclear.

Facing the above embarrassment in Swarm (BZZ), many miners have gradually turned their attention to the server equipment of Phala/PHA. Why are they optimistic about the mining of Phala equipment! Phala is a parallel chain on DOT, dedicated to distributed cloud computing. The future development will be based on the development of distributed cloud computing based on Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Cloud. Let ordinary people contribute their computer equipment to get A dividend benefit in the cloud computing market makes cloud computing no longer a market monopolized by giants.
It is expected that in early August, Phala's pioneer network (test main network) will be launched, and it will be officially mining. A total of 1 billion PHA will be issued, of which 70% or 700 million PHA will be used for early participation in mining subsidies. "Mainnet". At the beginning of August, the total output of the Phala Pioneer Network is expected to be only 10 million PHA (see the figure above), which will decrease by 25% every 45 days. It is expected that the Pioneer Network will operate for 6-12 months before opening the main network.

The current circulation of the PHA market is 200 million PHA, and the price is around 5 yuan. Note that: Xianxing network runs for 6-12 months, the first 45 days produces 60,000 PHA/day, and each 8-core device of Xianxing network The pledge of PHA is about 2,000, 200 million, which can be used for 100,000 PHA server equipment to participate. Assuming that there are 20,000 devices participating in the first online and offline, then the daily production of 60,000 PHA ÷ 20,000 devices = the average output of 3 PHA/day/device. This is not counting the deduction of 20% of the equipment, and the output of 3 PHA a day, even if it rises to 10 yuan, one will cost 30 yuan, 900 yuan a month, and now the 8-core equipment is about 15,000 yuan/set, obviously not What an advantage, and the 200 million in circulation needs to be more than a few times the space of 5 yuan. It may still be difficult at this stage. If there are more equipment involved, it will be good to maintain the operation and maintenance cost.

EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph. Through decentralized storage technology (IPFS), decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and token economy model (Token Economy), it organizes and inspires global community members to Human knowledge in various fields is sorted into a knowledge map, and this eternal human knowledge base is jointly built, shared and continuously updated. It is the combination of distributed storage and AI intelligence to build a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph.

The Epik project ecology includes five roles: data storage miners, data gateways, domain experts, bounty hunters, and currency holders. These five roles each perform their duties, through a sound incentive mechanism, achieve community autonomy, and continue to update this eternal human knowledge base.

In terms of data storage, the distributed storage at the bottom of EpiK ensures the authenticity and non-tampering of data. In terms of knowledge graph construction, EpiK has built three platforms, namely the knowledge graph construction tool platform, decentralized collaboration platform and knowledge base application Platform, the tool platform includes four modules: knowledge acquisition, knowledge error correction, knowledge fusion, and knowledge storage.

The purpose is to process these unstructured data into a triplet network, thereby reducing the cost of knowledge conversion. The construction of a decentralized knowledge database will achieve permanent preservation. The library, encyclopedia knowledge, and human civilization knowledge running on the blockchain in the future will be realized through Epik records. This is a very great project.

Compared with Filecoin, what are the characteristics of Epik:

1. EpiK Protocol not only has the storage capacity of Filecoin, but also adds an AI data processing collaboration network, which is in line with the future use and development trend of artificial AI intelligent applications. This change makes the community fully autonomous, compared with FIL's current cold data, EpiK is a hot data storage, which is more conducive to application development and use, and continues to create value for the upper layer under the combined use of AI. .

2. EpiK Protocol and Filecoin are not in a competitive relationship. The effective data produced by EpiK Protocol is completely open to the Filecoin community. It is hoped that we will work together to build a distributed storage ecosystem. EpiK is more focused, EpiK is organized storage, and Filecoin is disordered storage. Most of the current decentralized storage projects on the market, such as Filecoin, only focus on data storage and not on data quality, while EpiK uploads knowledge graph data through domain experts, which have strict quality definitions, and share and build human eternal knowledge. treasure house.

3. Participants' security and penalty mechanisms are more relaxed. For example, Filecoin has to confiscate pledge coins and computing power when it exits unexpectedly. This puts great pressure on participants, and cluster participation has formed a monopolistic distributed storage. And EpiK, because it values ​​the number of backups, will not affect the overall storage effect. After all, it is a "distributed storage", and personal computers can also build nodes to participate .

Why is it said that Eipk will be the most potential distributed storage at present, and it is expected to surpass the appreciation space of Filecoin?

The current stage Eipk circulation only have less than 45 million EPK, actually about 44.2 million , and the current price of 3 yuan (0.5U less), drawn: First, liquidity is relatively small; Second, the price EPK Relatively low. This is its potential .

As for the space: Compared with the current price of FIL at 50U, not to mention the 238U at the peak of FIL, we will calculate according to the current FIL50U. The current circulation of EPK from 0.5U to 50U has 100 times the space , and 100 times the space. Is it the one with the most appreciation potential?

Consider the following simulation calculation:

The mainnet is expected to go online on the 15th to start mining. The current testnet data shows that the number of nodes participating in the testnet has exceeded 60,000, and the total amount of market circulation will be less than 45 million within three months after the mainnet is launched. EPK, among them, the long-term holders of the currency may hold 10 million and will not sell it, so the actual circulation in the transaction is only about 30-40 million.

After the mainnet goes live, each node requires 1000 EPKs for data storage pledge and 200 EPKs for traffic pledge, a total of 1200 EPKs/node pledge amount, calculated according to the 40 million that can be traded, then 40 million ÷ 1200=33333 The use of two nodes means that the current circulation of EPK can only participate in mining of 33,000 nodes.

Generally speaking, if the market circulation is purchased by more than 50%, the price may be increased several times. After the mainnet is launched, if 40,000 nodes participate, it will basically buy out the market currency. It is possible to buy up to a few hundred U. Of course, it is unrealistic to buy out, because the price suddenly rises too high, and many participants will wait and see and wait for a callback mentality, and finally show a gradual upward trend.

After all, there are now more than 60,000 participating nodes in the test. It will be a matter of time for the number of nodes to exceed 40,000 after the mainnet goes online. At least for now, the price of EPK0.5U, as long as it is more than a few dozen U, it may be dozens of times. The return rate of hundreds of times is higher than the previous few spaces.

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